Our employees

Golkowski Felix

Felix Golkowski

IT systems electronics / AOC Certified Consultant

Hagen Bärbel

Bachelor of business administration (FH)

Bärbel Hagen

Luber Jovana

Master of Arts (M.A.)

Jovana Luber

Social Media Consultant

Porsche Stefanie

Master of Science with Honors (M.Sc. with Honors)

Stefanie Porsche

Six Simone

Master of Arts (M.A.)

Simone Six

HR Manager

Utry Marc

State certified bachelor of business administration (IHK)

Marc Utry

Data protection officer DSB-TÜV

Volland Laura

Laura Volland

Assistant tax consultant / AOC Certified Consultant

Weinberger Bianka

Bachelor of business administration (FH)

Bianka Weinberger

Accountant International (IHK)