Energy sector

“The energy market requires extreme flexibility and specialisation so as to always be one step ahead!” 

(Matthias Baier, Public Accountant/Tax Advisor)

In an environment that is constantly changing, we help our clients to master the challenges of a complex market. We are very familiar with the special requirements of the industry, and provide support with the fiscal and legal implementation or projects connected to the energy sector. The challenges and innovation models involved in the transition to alternative energy resources are also reflected in the relevant laws and require the corresponding implementation and often a new approach. The actors in the energy sector are called to identify their roles, their rights and their obligations. 

The need for holistic, specialised one-stop consulting that keeps pace with the legislative authorities and maintains an overview of the complex, multilayered legal situation is all the greater. MTG Commercial Law Firm guides and supports actors from the entire value chain of the energy sector. Here, we aspire to support our clients in the best way possible and also to break new ground with them, think in new ways, and build bridges to the future together. 

Our services also include the following:

Services for energy providers and network operators

  • Compilation or auditing of annual statements of accounts
  • Providing support with the implementation of assignment procedures to record energy deliveries and services procured in the correct period
  • Compilation or auditing of unbundling balance sheets according to the German Energy Industry Act [EnWG]
  • Auditing the necessary data in accordance with the German Renewable Energy Sources Act [EEG] and the German Act on Combined Heat and Power Generation [KWKG] in the context of the energy industry’s offset procedure

Services for energy-intensive companies

  • Identification of subsidies or opportunities for relief
  • Support with applications for electricity tax refunds
  • Preparation of audit reports in the context of applications for the restriction of the renewables surcharge or other electricity price components

Services for plant operators

  • Analysis of the rights and obligations according to tax and energy law
  • Safeguarding and enforcement of tariff claims
  • Tax registration and support for plant operators
  • Preparation of audit reports to obtain the subsidies for heating and cooling network operators
  • Preparation of audit reports to obtain the increased initial tariff for wind energy plants

The regulations on the energy market are multilayered and complex, but they also provide diverse opportunities and enable efficient configurations at the same time. We help you to implement a compliance management system to meet obligations concerning the tax and energy laws, for example, or to develop innovative concepts to optimise the burden of taxes and contributions.

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