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“Creating values, maintaining values, passing on values.”
(Ingo Gramling, Lawyer)

Each company transaction must be supported or optimised from a legal, tax and economic standpoint. Our lawyers will act as facilitators for you in the M&A process and perform a business analysis of the target company. We skilfully implement this result for you with the following services:

  • Assessing the target company (due diligence)
  • Preparing corporate purchase agreements
  • Individual contract design, e.g. earn-out clauses
  • Setting up the transaction as a share deal or asset deal
  • Assessing the ideal arrangement concerning the legal form
  • Restructuring in groups and concerns
  • Tax optimisation for the purchase or selling process
  • Assessing special questions concerning labour law
  • Drawing up customer and supplier agreements

We won’t be satisfied until you are. Companies are not an end in themselves. They are there for a reason, but this can change in the dynamics of our world. We are there to support you through these changes, true to our motto: “Creating values, maintaining values, passing on values.”

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Ingo Gramling

Ingo Gramling

Employee Lawyer

Alexander Rappl

Alexander Rappl

Lawyer, Specialist in trade and corporate law Partner


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