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Data protection

“Implement the digitalization in your company by meeting the legal requirements in time in order to protect your data as asset in the times of the digital age.” 
(Lydia Danzer, Lawyer)

In the age of globalization the protection of personal data demands increased awareness. This was brought to the public mind by entering the German data protection directive into law. Data protection plays an ever more important part for a trusting relationship between customers, employees and companies. Stakeholders have to be able to rely on the protection of their data.

We regard a well founded legal advice as essential to ensure data protection compliant with legislation, that is both very complex and heavily reliant upon EU law. This way you will be protected against any claims made by the data protection oversight board or related penalties.

Our attorneys support you in the following areas:

  • Acting as you data protection appointee
  • Implementing a data protection management system
  • Compilation and assessment of documents relevant for data protection
  • Support for the implementaton of data protection procedures

Data protection will become relevant in your company in various ways, as a company directive or during an M&A project.

Do you have any questions about data protection?

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Lydia Danzer

Employee Lawyer