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Business succession

– One-stop consulting is necessary –

“Teamwork isn’t just a word to us – it forms the basis of all that we do.”

(Dr. Bernd Waffler, Public Accountant/Tax Advisor)

Business successions are often complex. The individual situation of the company and the ideas of the entrepreneurs have to be taken into account. The following requirements may arise, for example:

  • Adjustment of the legal form and the company structures
  • Separation of business and assets
    Successor’s gradual entry into the business
  • Retention of future returns
  • Securing of the rights of control and co-determination

Therefore, company transfers can only succeed if the tax-relevant, legal and management aspects are taken into account with the following objectives:

  •  Tax optimisation
  • Exploitation of possible privileges
  • Drawing up of agreements that are legally sound
  • Selecting a suitable method of assessment

With our specialist team consisting of tax advisers, lawyers and consultants, we guarantee high-quality consulting and efficient processing, true to our motto of “one-stop consulting”.

More information on the subject of business and asset succession in medium-sized businesses:

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Rainer Müller

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Additional qualification:
Specialist consultant for business succession (DTsV E.V.)

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Dr. Bernd Waffler

Public Accountant/Tax Advisor

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