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Succession outside the family

– Often a good alternative –

“A solution involving succession outside the family requires interdisciplinary support and guidance.  Business, legal and psychological aspects are equally significant for success.”

(Stefan Schwindl, Public Accountant/Tax Advisor)

While it used to be the case that it was a matter of course for the children to keep up the tradition and continue the family firm, company succession taking place outside the family is now becoming increasingly relevant.

If there is no successor available within the family, or potential successors are not willing or able to take over the firm, the following alternatives should be considered early:

  • Selling the company
  • Leasing out the company
  • Transferring the company to the management that has run it to date (management buy-out)
  • Transferring the company to external management (management buy-in)
  • Setting up a foundation and contributing assets

Each of the variations above has its own advantages and disadvantages. Our experienced consultants will help choose the right route and ensure that the interests of the entrepreneur are always protected.

More information on the subject of business and asset succession in medium-sized businesses:

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