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Asset succession

– Pass on private assets successfully –

“A timely strategy for private asset succession can reduce tax burdens later.”

(Silvia Kink, Tax Advisor)

Over time, successful entrepreneurs with medium-sized companies and entrepreneurial families also create private assets:


  • Real Estate ownership
  • Investments in companies
  • Securities and financial investments
  • Works of art and collections

Here, comprehensive consulting is also necessary so that these assets can be passed on to the next generation in the best way possible. The desire is frequently to keep all or part of these assets in the family for generations. The following are examples of set-ups that can be applied in this case:


  • Family-owned company
  • Family trust

Tax optimisation becomes much more significant concerning the transfer of private assets in particular because there are often no gift tax concessions, and personal tax exemptions are only available every ten years. The following possibilities can be used, for example:


  •  Gradual acquisition and generation leap
  • Life estate arrangements
  • Change in matrimonial property regime
  • Indirect gifts

More information on the subject of business and asset succession in medium-sized businesses:

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