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Bankruptcy taxation law

“Our core area of bankruptcy taxation law is consistently orientated towards the needs of liquidators.”

(Stefan Schwindl, Public Accountant/Tax Advisor)


 In practice, there are hardly any bankruptcy proceedings where tax aspects do not play an important role as well.

Intensive and continuous examination is required concerning the constant changes in jurisdiction with regard to questions relevant in the field pertaining to the fiscal settlement of reorganisation and bankruptcy proceedings. 


Here, we support you with numerous activities:

  • Identifying rights to tax refunds
  • Carrying out VAT and input tax adjustments
  • Compiling annual statements of accounts and tax declarations
  • Conducting appeal and litigation proceedings
  • Classifying between bankruptcy claims and claims against the assets of the estate
  • Reviewing filing of claims by the tax authorities
  • Evaluating the fiscal effects of appeals, liquidations, set-offs, etc.

With skill and legal certainty we even solve difficult, detailed questions and special problems arising from the intricate connection between bankruptcy law and tax law.

Rely on our comprehensive expertise!

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