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Interim management

“We also provide the option of complementing or relieving the liquidator with our expertise in management and industry.”

(Susanne Kimmerl, Business Consultant)

Guiding and supporting the implementation of the measures developed is also of great significance.  If you so desire, we also take over operative responsibility of companies in this regard.

Here, one of our core areas lies in our activities for liquidators. We work with the liquidator to analyse the business in crisis and focus our search on possibilities for reorganisation.

We offer you the following services:

  • Carrying out a status assessment (quick check)
  • Developing short-term company planning based on different scenarios
  • Continuing the business under consideration of the specifics concerning bankruptcy
  • Organising and monitoring the collection of outstanding debts
  • Monitoring the proofs of debt
  • Furnishing all the necessary information to support decision-making
  • Safeguarding the flow of information to the bankruptcy court, board of creditors and banks

We ensure that our interims manager can start the operative implementation immediately without an initiation period being necessary.

Use our many years of experience!

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