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Bankruptcy accounting

“Teamwork isn’t just a word to us – it’s the basis of what we do.”

(Katharina Hammerl, Tax Advisor)

Bankruptcy accounting is the backbone of the liquidator’s report and application for remuneration.

The course of bankruptcy proceedings is represented clearly and fully in a timely manner, observing the principles of sound bankruptcy accounting practice.

We take on the following tasks for you:

  • Taking charge of the current accounting (in terms of commercial and bankruptcy law) using winsolvenz.p3
  • Creating all the necessary lists and indices
  • Carrying out cash auditing
  • Reprocessing and evaluating pre-bankruptcy accounting
  • Issuing insolvency payment certificates
  • Issuing payslips, salary statements and all declarations in accordance with social insurance law
  • Carrying out data backup and electronic archiving

The many specifics of the Insolvency Statute (InsO), the remuneration decree in the case of bankruptcy (InsVV) and the Bankruptcy Tax Act pose great challenges to the the liquidator in his or her daily tasks. We relieve you of these tasks!

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 Katharina Hammerl

Katharina Hammerl

Employee Tax Advisor

Bachelor of business administration (FH)

Susanne Kimmerl

Business Consultant

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